that goes further.

For 20 years working with the most innovative in the field of transport.

Who We Are

Excellence in Transport

Our team of experienced supply chain professionals leverage on our unparalleled distribution network with you from start to finish, designing and implementing your unique supply chain model.

We are constantly updating our time-tested processes to meet modern market demands.

Over 500 dedicated employees, working in over 46 locations around the country, deliver operational excellence — to provide viable answers to the most challenging supply chain questions.

What we do

We offer a full range
of delivery methods.

Shipping Fast

Special fast delivery service that guarantees the arrival of the object on the same day as postage. Included monitoring via miobile app.


Functional motoboy for delivery of documents and small objects.

Shuttle Van

Suitable for medium sized loads that need digital tracking.

Mini Truck

For dry cargo deliveries with more cubic allocation.

How it works in practice

Logistical Procedure

We work with innovative methodologies to ensure that the entire delivery process is done from start to finish as planned.


Collection of information


Service Invoice Sending


of Cargo


Transport Customer Order


Successful Delivery

Why choose us?

We work intensively in search of ideals that can add up in the lives of our customers. This is what motivates us to improve every day.

Who we areIndustry Leaders.

With all of this expertise and capability comes an unrivalled commitment to customer service.

We will work hard to understand your needs in order to develop a productive, long-term partnership.

What we do

We Provide Future of Delivery


5 million

Delivered packages

Old World knifefish crestfish, jellynose fish; algaee eater swordtail, carp atka mackerel graess carped yellowfin


12 million

Miles driven

Combfish armorhead catfish medaka-snubnose parasitic eel Black scabbardfish cownose ryolden shiner tunfir


2 million

Stored in stock

Noodlefish, dwarf gourami lake whitefish Jack Dempsey yellow bass monkeyface prickleback Pacific viperfish

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Cargo Pulse Online International Delivery Company Logistic Services is a global supplier of transport and Logistic solutions. We have offices in more than 20 countries and an international network of partners and agents.